buy her books and send her to school

I got my “official” acceptance email for another semester of hell starting next month. I have about 2 semesters left before I have to declare and another 4 after that, and honestly I’m not in any hurry so it doesn’t matter when I finish. I’ve been at this about 30 years already.

I can either finish up at the jr college, or carry my credits back over to the university where I started and finish there. It’s 100% online, so I don’t really guess it matters, though the gen ed classes have been cheaper at the jr. college so I’ll probably finish those up then transfer everything over. All I need to do is finish my tech degree so I can get myself out of this god forsaken country. I hear Ireland has a booming tech industry and they’re hiring.

Speaking of tech. I got myself one of those cute little digital photo frames to put in my office yesterday, and I’ve been fighting to get my photos off my iPhone for the last 2 hours. It would have probably been faster, cheaper, easier just to prop up my ipad on a stack of books and go from there.