buy her books and send her to school

I got my “official” acceptance email for another semester of hell starting next month. I have about 2 semesters left before I have to declare and another 4 after that, and honestly I’m not in any hurry so it doesn’t matter when I finish. I’ve been at this about 30 years already. I can either finish up at the jr… Read more →

king of the jungle

So I moved into this cute two story, two bedroom townhouse in November of 2019 and it’s almost July 2020 and I just unpacked the last two boxes tonight. Sadly, that’s not the end of it. I have projects for years to come but we’ll get into that another time. It’s only the second time I’ve ever lived alone in… Read more →

hello darkness my old friend…

I decided on a whim around 4 am this morning to check this domain just to see if it was available since it has been a few years since I last checked. The odds were in my favor, so in a fit of insomnia after a 14 hour day I decided to snatch it up. Yet again. The first time… Read more →