king of the jungle

So I moved into this cute two story, two bedroom townhouse in November of 2019 and it’s almost July 2020 and I just unpacked the last two boxes tonight. Sadly, that’s not the end of it. I have projects for years to come but we’ll get into that another time. It’s only the second time I’ve ever lived alone in my lifetime without a kid or a husband and while it has it’s moments, I’m getting used to it.

It’s a super cute little place, but what sold me on it was the private back garden that reminds me of the summer I spent in England a few years ago, and the fact that is has a dining room. The tiny private back garden means my dog can have a doggy door and be the master of his domain. He picked up on how to use the doggy door pretty fast. It only took me about two hours of shoving bacon treats from one side of the door to the other for him to get that he could walk through it, and another week to realize he didn’t need me to come let him outside every single time. The doggy door was seriously a complete game changer. However, he’s a jerk and tears up things when left alone so he’s also crated during the day when I’m at work. I feel as though if I got him a brother he’d stop that shit, but who has time to train a whole new dog?

The dining room is awesome. Not that I actually use it for the intended purpose mind you. But I have a place to put my mothers china cabinet and hutch that has been passed down from my grandmother to me, and I also have room for a second computer on the ground level, which is nice considering the other computer is in the converted second bedroom/office upstairs. Yes I’m lazy.

I’ve been repainting for what seems like an eternity. Between a 50 hour a week job and trying to dog parent a clingy, jerk of a dog it’s a slow process. As of last weekend I completed painting of the entire upstairs from a yellow/beige to a calm Seattle grey and I love it. I hired out the painting of the stairway a month or so ago because I wasn’t trying to die on a ladder this year. It was worth every penny. Every. Penny. I’ve been thinking I may finance the painting of the downstairs because, why not?

I’ve got one of the guys from work coming by on Saturday to give me an estimate on putting the tile down in the upstairs bathroom. I have everything to do it, except the motivation.

King of his jungle. Lazy little shit.